Meet the Team!

Driver: Cameron Steely



Cam loves to rally! He started rally racing in 2011 and was quick to find his speed. He was the 2016 Rally America 2WD Champion. You can usually find Cam making race car noises and singing Katy Perry when he isn't behind the wheel.

Sometimes even race cars aren't fast enough. So, he is pursuing his commercial pilot certification. He also keeps busy playing basketball and riding motorcylcles.

Co-Driver: Preston Osborn


Co-Driver/Team Manager

Preston started rallying in 2011 with a couple of friends from school. He loves to drive, but found his talent wasn't behind the steering wheel. His organization and dedication makes sure everyone is prepared for the race and ready for anything. Preston was the top 2WD Rally America co-driver in 2015-2017 and 3rd overall co-driver for 2016. 

When he isn't sitting in the silly seat, Preston is doing management training with shop owners and managing O.D.D. Racing's shop.


Ed McNelly


Crew Chief/Fast Eddy

Ed has been involved in rally racing for 10+ years. He has build numerous rally cars, including our last four championship Fiestas. With extensive knowledge and experience, Ed can turn just about any vehicle into a reliable and capable rally car. He hand builds all of our cages and fabricates most of the specialty parts on our cars.

Ed's experience extends past building cars. He is a decorated rally driver, and the 2012 Rally America Rookie of the Year. He speed earned him the well deserved nickname, Fast Eddy!

Ronny Porter


Ronny attended technical school to begin his automotive career. His passion for cars began more with classic cars, but he met Fast Eddy in 2014 and helped build our first Fiesta ST. He joined O.D.D. Racing full time in 2016 and moved out to Colorado. 

When not fixing what Cameron has broken, Ronny likes to explore Colorado's music scene and go on cruises in the mountains in either his 1970's Honda or VW GTI. He also likes drinking Preston's scotch and hanging with the shop pup McLaren!

Danny Grant


Danny completed the Automotive, Diesel, and Industrial program at Universal Technical Institute in 2008. He got his start in motorsports by volunteering at autocross events and rallies in 2010. Shortly after, he started building M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2's (WRC Academy cars). In 2014 he entered the world of desert racing, co-driving for championship team RPM Offroad. He has navigated for high profile talent such as Ricky Johnson, Luke Johnson, and Clyde Stacy. Danny has also instructed at Rally Ready Driving School in Austin, Texas. In 2016, he joined the O.D.D. Racing family, building cars and crewing for races.

Rod Steely



Team Owner/Head Honcho

Rod is a self-made man with a passion for rally racing. He learned about the sport from his son, Cam, and supported him as he started racing. You will still find him at most of the races, helping out, and making sure everyone has what they need. His giving nature and passion for people make him a hit in the service areas.




We have a lot of help to make sure every car makes it to the finish line. Some of the familiar faces you may see are:

Lee Hall, Erik Lee, Jay Huffner, Ian MacPherson, Tyler Ayotte, Tyler Grossmann, Alan Johnson, Kubo Kordisch, Keenan Farrand, and Nick McNelly

McLaren - Shop Pup

Odd racing shop dog

Arguably the most well liked member of the team, McLaren, or Mac for short, loves to have visitors at the shop. She HAS to say hi to everyone who comes by. She earns her paycheck by scaring the bunnies and other destructive critters away!

COMING SOON! MEET OUR 2019 rally car!


Currently under construction!

For 2019, O.D.D. Racing is pushing the envelop to design and develop a brand new rally car for competition in North America. Stay tuned for the upcoming release!