Championship winning services

Racing Car Fabrication

O.D.D. Racing has extensive experience on building championship winning race cars. We custom make all of our cages in house and can build it to any specifications or regulations as required. All car interiors and engine bays are painted to a color of your choice.

O.D.D. Racing also provides installation and fabrication of racing parts. We are available for consulting on rally car build, with broad knowledge on Ford, Subaru, and Volkswagen vehicles.

Whether starting from scratch, or upgrading an existing build, O.D.D. Racing is happy to help!

Racing Services and Crew

O.D.D. Racing is available for crew and servicing for rally racing events throughout North America. We offer several packages and can cater to your specific needs. 

O.D.D. Racing can prepare the car before the race to make sure it is ready and capable of finishing whatever race you enter. We can meet the car at the event, or provide towing. Once there, O.D.D. Racing will ensure the vehicle passes tech and scrutineering and is ready to race.

We want to make sure you are comfortable at the race, and only have to worry about driving the car on race day.

Arrive and Drive

Don't have a rally car, but interested in the sport? O.D.D. Racing has several 2WD vehicles available for rent. The major sanctioning bodies in the US require the driver to have rally experience before racing in the high horsepower 4WD cars. This is a great way to start rally racing, without having to build a car.

Packages include the car rental, towing to the event, and servicing during the race. We will also guarantee the car will pass tech and be ready to go at the first MTC. O.D.D. Racing's experience will make sure the vehicle is capable of making to the finish line.

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Contact Us

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