Sally the Rally Car: 2018 Season


2007 Subaru STi

Though we didn't build it, Sally started life as a brand new car and was built into a Super Production rally car. Several owners later, she was purchased and run by friends of the team, LaRoza Racing. After Steve LaRoza was done racing, she ended up in O.D.D. Racing's hands and we ran her for the 2018 season.


Based on the factory Subaru engine, the pistons and rods are replaced with upgraded components. At 10.0:1 compression, throttle response is much better than the stock version! The turbo is a factory Subaru unit with a 34mm restrictor. An upgraded radiator is the only item replaced in an otherwise stock cooling system.


Sticking with mainly factory components was necessary to meet the Super Production class rules. It is a stock gear box and center diff with upgraded, plated front and rear diff. Most of the bushings are replaced with solid or firmer options.


Sticking with the theme, the suspension is mainly as from the factory. The only upgrades are the Reiger dampers and springs to match. 


Counter to how most people modify cars, we actually have to downgrade the brakes from the factory STi set up to fit under 15" wheels. We replaced the Brembo STi brakes with AP Racing calipers and a smaller rotor. We also add a hydraulic hand brake tied into the unlocking mechanism for the center diff.

Meet Toothless the Nightfury!: 2015-2017 Season


2015 Ford Fiesta 1.6L ST 2WD

Before becoming a rally car, Toothless started life as a new, factory fresh 2015 Ford Fiesta 1.6L ST 2WD. Over the last few years, we have had to replace the shell of the car, due to damage from racing. The current shell is a 2011 base model Fiesta. The chassis is stripped and modified to the Fiesta rally car we race today. The rally build includes removing all of the interior, covering the holes in the interior, and paint. Then, the cage is added and the mounting points reinforced.  


The 1.6L turbo engine in Toothless is very close to stock. The engine, turbo, turbo controls, and ECU are factory parts. We developed a custom intake set up, which helps prevent sucking up water and dust. We also fabricate the engine and transmission mounts for the vehicle to prevent movement during the stress from rallying.

The tuning is a custom program from one of our partners, Mountune. One of the big benefits of the Mountune programming is the ability to limit boost in lower gears. The car runs on VP Racing RallyMax fuel and about 25lbs of boost pressure. Because the engine is stock, the power levels are not incredible. We make about 180HP and 250ft/lbs of torque. While more horsepower is desired in the higher gears, we are traction limited.

The cooling system on the Fiesta rally car is upgraded in several different ways. We researched different solutions and worked with Mishimoto to take care of our cooling issues. We use an upgraded turbo intercooler, radiator, and coolant reservoir. The transmission and engine still need a bit of extra cooling help, so transmission and engine oil coolers are added to keep the temperatures in line. 


The driveline of the Fiesta is a combination of custom and modified parts. We use a Sadev 6 speed sequential transmission with a M-Sport twin disc clutch. Inside of the transmission we use a plated, locking diff for maximum traction. There is also a tall gear selecter and a readout mounted on the interior dash.

CVJ Axles in Denver custom make the front axles in the vehicle. When we first started development of the ST, we had issues with axles breaking under the high loads. Fortunately, CVJ Axle was able to build a solution for us, and we no longer have any issue!


Due to the extreme conditions and roads O.D.D. Racing rallies on, the suspension needs to be beefy and reinforced. We use Reiger 2 way adjustable shocks with Eibach springs on the front and rear. We developed and custom make the lower control arms for the front, and use heim joints for all connections. The ball joints are also upgraded. 


Heat management is the most important aspect for rally car brakes. We use an AP racing package in the front with Performance Friction brake pads. The brakes have to be small enough to fit in a 15" wheel, so we are limited on size. The rear brake set up is the stock Fiesta ST set up, with upgraded pads and rotors. A separate hand brake is added to the system and uses a additional brake cylinder. We also change out all the rubber brakes lines for either hard or braided lines. The pedals are a custom Tilton floor mounted kit with dual master cylinders for the front and rear.  


Most of the body modifications are done to protect the underside and panels of the car. We use a thick aluminium skid plate under the engine to protect the transmission and oil pan. We add kevlar and plastic sheeting under the sides and back of the vehicle to prevent rock damage. An M-Sport wing is added to the back hatch to balance the vehicle. Without the wing, the car will not fly straight and is unstable at high speeds. 

Everything in the interior of the rally build has a function. Racing seats and harnesses are added to keep the driver and co-driver secure. A Stilo intercom set up is added so the driver can hear the co-driver calls. The battery has been relocated to behind the driver seat to further help the handling and balance. A fire suppression system is pointed at the drivers and engine bay to limit damage in event of a fire. The rear of the vehicle is converted to store a spare wheel and tire, jack, and electric impact gun for tire changes. Basic hand tools and a couple of spare parts are stored as well, in case a roadside repair is needed.